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Capitol Base memorial Service
Capitol Base of the United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated Request the pleasure of your company At a Memorial Service In Honor of All Submariners on Eternal Patrol On Saturday, May 18t ...

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National Chaplain Change
Shipmates, National Chaplain Bill (Butter Bean) Dixon has asked to be relieved as our National Chaplain due to the concentrated effort needed to recover from his massive heart attack. Bill has not co ...

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56th annual USS Thresher Memorial Service
The 56th Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service held this Saturday, April 13 in Kittery, Maine will be streamed live on the Thresher Base YouTube channel: ...

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New Base Formation If you are thinking about or getting started in forming a new base, remember that there is a New Base Development Committee that is ready and able to assist you. The committee me ...

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American Submariner online correction
A mistake in the link to our National Website has been corrected. The link contained in the previous bulletin generated an error message. Shipmates, The American Submariner Magazine 2019 2nd Editi ...

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2019 A/S Magazine now on USSVI website
Shipmates, The American Submariner Magazine 2019 2nd Edition is now posted on our National Website. Open the USSVI website Log On with your Login Name and Password. ...

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Veteran Information
VA to Announce Decision on New Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions Week of April 01, 2019 Several years after a scientific body recommended that the Department of Veterans Affairs co ...

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2019 USSVI AWARD NOMINATIONS - SECOND REMINDER - PLEASE READ AND COMPLY Shipmates, We are now half-way through our 2019 awards nomination period and to date we have only received a total of 18 nomin ...
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POC Notices & Broadcasts

POC Notices & Broadcasts
POC Notices & Broadcasts

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