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Alfred Singleman Jr
425 E Campbell Rd Ext
Schenectady, NY 12303-4307

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Memorial Day Message
Shipmates, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day. Let us sometime today pause and remember all those Service Men and Women who have severed this great Nation and remember our Creed. ...

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USSVI Document notice!
Shipmates, The USSVI Policy and Procedures Manual has been revised and is now posted on the website: ...

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Wanted! New National Scholarship Chairman
Shipmates, After doing an outstanding job as National Scholarship Chairman for 25 years, Paul Orstad is stepping down as Scholarship Chairman at the Reno Convention. Anyone wishing to fill this ...

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Looking for a Base to Bid on the 2019 National Convention!
Shipmates, The National Senior Vice Commander John Markiewicz is looking for a Base to Host the 2019 National Convention. If your Base is interested in doing so please contact John Markiewicz at jem ...

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2016 AWARDS Program Reminder!
Shipmates, It is not too late to put a shipmate, a Base or your Base News Letter in for an Award. Please check out the Awards Manual under the Awards Button on the left side of the USSVI Home page o ...

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KAP(SS)4KID(SS) Challenge Coin
Shipmates, Our Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Program now has a cool "Honorary Submariner" Challenge Coin that can be given to the Children we visit! It can also be used to make other worthy persons H ...

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Nominees For the 2016 Elections!
The Nominees for the 2016 Elections are: National Commander - JOHN MARKIEWICZ National Senior Vice Commander - WAYNE STANDERFER National Junior Vice commander - BILL ANDREA National Treasurer - ...

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End of the Year reports due on 3/1/2016
All Base Commanders, Your Base EOY (End of the Year Tax Report)must be sent to the National Treasurer by March 1st, 2016. Send your EOY to Paul Hiser at To date we have only 6 ...
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