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Raymond Paul Wewers
918 Barborek Ln
Russellville, AR 72802-7963

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Back on line
Shipmates: Please direct issues for NJVC back to Bill Andrea again. I am back in commission. I want to thank IPNC Al Singleman for filling in for me while I was incapacitated and all the well wishes f ...

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2017 Vol.1 of the American Submariner is now posted on the USSVI website.
Shipmates, The electronic version of the latest issue of the "American Submariner" magazine is now available through the website. Log onto the website with your member s ...

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Acting NJVC
Shipmates, Due to a health issue Bill Andrea is in the hospital. While Bill is under treatment and until he is fully able to perform his dues as NJVC I have asked IPNC Al Singleman to be acting NJV ...

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2017 Awards Manual
The National Awards Manual was submitted and approved by the BOD in January 2017, and is posted on the National web site under the Awards tab. There were very minor changes ...

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USS Dallas SSN700 Decommissioning
USS DALLAS (SSN 700) DECOMMISSIONING USS DALLAS is scheduled for Decommissioning in Galveston TX on 9 April. The DALLAS Navy League has asked CO USS DALLAS to get a number of how many mil ...

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2017 War Veteran status
Shipmates, First, I would like to thank all the Bases and individual members that checked on their War Veteran status. I received many phone calls and emails from Shipmates who were unsure how to ...

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May the peace of God be with you always, especially during this Christmas Season. Please pause to think of our troops in the field and our sailors on deployment, especially our Submariners on ...

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2016 Base EOY Report
From: Paul Hiser, National Treasurer Attn Base Commanders and Treasurers Subj: 2016 End of Year Reports The 2016 EOY Excel Workbook is now available to download. There is no differen ...
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