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USSVI VSO NEWS FOR NOVEMBER 2019 Use CTRL + click Enter to access all articles in BLUE Commissary, Military Service Exchange, and MWR access extended to more Veterans beginning January https: ...

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Happy Thanksgiving
Shipmates, At this time of Thanksgiving when we pause to count our blessings, spend time with the family we love and friends we cherish, let us not forget to give thanks to our young men and women at ...

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Veterans Day observance
Shipmates, Tomorrow, November 11, 2019 is Veterans Day. A twenty four (24) hour period dedicated to thanking all of our men and women who have served or presently serving in our nations armed forces. ...

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American Submariner Magazine Cover
It seems some of our members are expressing concerns that the front cover of our American Submariner Magazines 4th Edition is exposing classified information. To put there minds at ease, this photo wa ...

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National website database personal profile
Shipmates, In an attempt to injection a little humor into our mundane lives dictated by advanced age, this is a follow-up to NJVC Steve Bellís previous request sent through the normal chain of comman ...

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American Submariner Magazine now posted online
Shipmates, The American Submariner Magazine 2019 4th Edition is now posted on our National Website. Open the USSVI website Log On with your Login Name and Password. ...

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Shop on Amazon and support USSVCF (USSVI Charitable Foundation).
Shop on Amazon and support your US Submarine Veterans Charitable Foundation, Inc. at the same time! AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features a ...

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Date correction for USSVCF Information POC#2019-067
The USSV Charitable Foundation Academic Scholarship Program will be open for applications on 30 October 2019 (Not 2015). All process and procedure instructions are located on the USSVI.ORG website by ...
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POC Notices & Broadcasts

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POC Notices & Broadcasts

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