Session Variables Blocked or Time Out Error 

You are probably blocking Session Variables
Have been inactive for awhile since viewing the last page,
thus "Timed Out" and to restart your visit

Session Time Out

If you have successfully viewed the USSVI website before, but are now seeing this page, it is probably because you were viewing a page and then were inactive for awhile (didn't click on anything for over 30 minutes).  Thus, the website's Session Variables expired and you timed out.  Just click the USSVI logo below to restart your visit:

Session Variables not enabled

If you have never seen the USSVI HOME PAGE, then it's probably because your security settings are set too high in your browser and are blocking Session Variables:

Click here to see how to enable Session Variables

Note:  Some browsers like Firefox treat Session Variables like "cookies", thus you'll need to to at least make an "exception" for the USSVI to allow cookies.  The link above will show you how.  Don't worry, you DO NOT need to enable cookies for all websites, just USSVI.  We don't use real "cookies" and will never try to sell you anything.

Can't connect to the website Other reported problems after people upgrade to Microsoft's new Internet Explorer version 7 or 8 (IE-7 or 8) can be fixed by following these steps:
  • Open IE-7 or 8 and click on TOOLS, then on "Internet Options".
  • Click on the "Security" tab
  • Click on the "Custom Level" security button
  • Within the list of choices you will see options for ActiveX
  • Click the radio buttons for ActiveX to allow (enable) them