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Back door access

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We're sorry, but most pages on the USSVI website cannot not be BOOKMARKED or otherwise called by their unique URL.  We realize that this is inconvenient.  We realize that many other websites allow this.  But, the USSVI website is DATA driven, so we must do all that we can to prevent attacks or authorized access to the national database.

You MUST always go directly to the main website: and then click on the button that leads to the page you wish to view. If you are sending an email to others or describing a page in a newsletters, please just give instructions to go to the main website's URL and then direct them to click the button you want them to use to see what you what them to read.

This ensures that all visitors come through the front door to the website first. We admit that this no back door access policy is a pain.  We work hard to stay ahead of hackers and this policy helps us prevent many known types of attacks. 

Another reason is so that we can log all visits to increase our ranking with search engines like Google. Code needed by Google and other search engines are only at our front door so that each visitor is only counted once.

Click on the USSVI logo above to go to the Main website