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Your Internet Browser settings do not support Session Cookies
You either have ALL or Per-Session cookies turned off

USSVI's website does NOT use cookies that writes information on your or our computers
We DO NOT collect or track information about you from your computer

But, like most interactive websites that use databases, we do need Session Cookies to pass information from one page to the next. Session Cookies are NOT SAVED on your computer or on ours. For example, when you search for a ship, we need to pass the hull number of the one you pick to the pages that lists the crew, history or reunions. Without being able to use Session Cookies, USSVI's website cannot work correctly.

You must ENABLE at least PER-SESSION cookies to use USSVI's website

There has been a lot of rumors and misinformation about Cookies. Regardless of what your view is, we don't use real cookies (the kind that writes information) anyway. Cookies being enabled is the DEFAULT setting for most browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9 : on top of the screen, click on Tools, then Internet Options,
    then switch to the Privacy tab and click the Advanced button
    and at least click Always allow session cookies (the other settings below are Microsoft's defaults)


    Internet Explorer 5 : Tools/Internet Options, switch to "Security" tab,
    highlight "Internet Zone", select "Customize Settings and
    at least click Enable on "Allow per-session cookies"


    Internet Explorer 4: View/Internet Options, switch to "Advanced" tab



Click on Tools

Click on Options & then click the Privacy tab

On the right side of "Accept Cookies from Sites", click the EXCEPTIONS button
Enter "" and then close

Other Browsers

If you use another browser that is not show on this page, use the HELP screens to learn how to enable either Session Variables, they are supported separately or hwo to enable Cookies, for just the USSVI website, as an exception ... as show above for Firefox.


    Netscape 4: Edit/Preferences, highlight "Advanced" and
    at least click Accept Only cookies that get sent back to originating server


    Netscape 3: Options/Network Preferences, switch to "Protocols" tab


What are Session Variables (Cookies) and Why Does the USSVI Website Need Them?

Over the years, cookies have gotten a bad reputation, that is often undeserved. Many websites use them responsibly to make your visiting experience better. But, the USSVI family of websites DO NOT use real cookies. We only use what is called Session Variables (which are sometimes also called Session Cookies. Unlike real cookies, Session Variables DO NOT write information to either your computer or our server. They temporarily store a choice you made on one page and pass it to the next page, so that we can lookup what you want to see in the national database. Once the next page is displayed, the Session Cookie normally expires.

Microsoft's Internet Explorers (all versions from IE-4 to IE-8), allow you to block real cookies but still allow you to enable using Session Variables (or Session Cookies). Firefox and other browsers don't make a distinction between Session Cookies and real cookies. So, for these browsers you need to allow them, as EXCEPTIONS.  You do not need to enable cookies for all websites, just add the sites that you TRUST, like USSVI, to your exception list.

Note: that Session Cookies have a limited life. They "time out" after awhile. If you walk away from your computer (especially if you logged in using your password), the Session Cookies clear them self (they die in memory, never written to any disk). Then when you try to go another page, you will see this error screen again.