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Website name
URL (click to visit) Description
About.com's US Militaryhttp://usmilitary.about.com/mbody.htmContains information and links for all military
Air Force Locator Websitehttp://www.usaf-locator.comThe Unofficial United States Air Force E-mail Locator for locating Past, Present, & Retired USAF Members. A free service run by Charles F. Jones, MSgt (Ret.)
American War Libraryhttp://members.aol.com/veteransThe World's Largest On-line Military, Veteran, and Military Family Registry.
Armed Forces Newshttp://www.armedforcesnews.com/Gives current legislation that pertains to active duty and retire military personnel.
Best Vets on the Nethttp://www.vets.com/topsites/index.htmlA listing of links to various veteran sites around the net, organized by popularity
BlueJacket.comhttp://www.bluejacket.comSea Service History and Graphics
Current Military Newshttp://www.military.comGives current Military News.
Deck Platehttp://www.thedeckplate.com/The Deck Plate, the web site by, for, and about the Surface Warriors of the United States Navy. Here you will find Sea Stories, Art, Fiction, Quotes, Photo's, Video Clips, Jokes, Poems, Tributes, and Resources for Active Duty Surface Warriors, Veterans,
DOD Space "A" Travelhttp://www.dcmilitary.com/airforce/beam/8_05/national_news/21535-1.htmlGives information on Space "A" Travel on Military Aircraft.
Emergency E-mailhttp://www.emergencyemail.org/Allows you to be notified by E-mail in case of a National Emergency
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