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The Submarines of the United States Navy are the most complex naval warships built to date. The Crews are the most knowledgeable in their specialty and have the highest training of any class of Naval vessels.

Just as the Submariners are the best-educated and best-trained Sailors, those Scouts with the most ability and highest motivation are the ones that complete the journey to reach the rank of Eagle Scout, Quartermaster, or Summit.

We feel that there are many parallels between joining the Brotherhood of the Submariners and joining the Brotherhood of Eagle Scouts, Quartermasters, or Summits.




Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) is a USSVI Community Outreach Program that brings joy to the children and the Sub Vets who visit them! It also provides positive local awareness for USSVI and is in keeping with our organization's creed.




Requirements for Membership
1. USSVI Member in Good Standing
2. Qualified in submarines Fifty (50) or more years ago (1970  eligible in 2020)
3. Submarine Qualified Regular Member





Building and maintaining Base cohesion is an ongoing and never-ending process. Scheduled meetings, memorial services, shared trips, picnics, parades, and projects all help us to grow closer as a SUBVET family, enjoying each other’s company, while we honor our fallen heroes and support our current day submarine forces.

Most all our members have busy lives and many demands on their time, yet many willingly set aside the time to actively participate in USSVI-related activities and functions. While many members are relatively new to USSVI, we have others who have maintained faithful allegiance for 5, 10, 15, 20, and more years.




The US Submarine Veteran's National Award Program recognizes members or bases whose contributions to the organization or their local community stand out.


Any USSVI member in good standing may nominate any other member in good standing (or entity such as a Base, where appropriate and stated in the Award description) for any of the awards listed in our manual except for the Newsletter of the Year, which is not a nominated award.


The Awards Manual below will give you a more detailed description of the various Awards currently presented by USSVI, how to recommend a member (or a base), and how winners are determined. 


Connect with USSVI

Perpetuate the memory of your shipmates and connect online.