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The Submarines of the United States Navy are the most complex naval warships built to date. The Crews are the most knowledgeable in their specialty and have the highest training of any class of Naval vessels.

During WWII, a poster showed a very young sailor at the wheel of a submarine. The caption was “ My father won’t let me drive his car, and here I am steering a $25,000,000.00 submarine”. Responsibility comes early as a member of a submarine crew. Each crew member must be familiar with the entire submarine and possess a thorough knowledge of his assigned department, as things happen fast with the depth and speed where they operate.

Just as the Submariners are the best-educated and best-trained Sailors, those Scouts with the most ability and highest motivation are the ones that complete the journey to reach the rank of Eagle Scout, Quartermaster, or Summit.

We feel that there are many parallels between joining the Brotherhood of the Submariners and joining the Brotherhood of Eagle Scouts, Quartermasters, or Summits.

We would be honored to be a part of the ceremony that recognizes today’s young men and women as having joined their respective Brotherhood.

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